So we all know that 2020 was not a good year for the most of us but some really broke the charts. Today we are talking about Valve`s huge success, SteamVR. I mean, 1.7 million new users are not just a few. We`ve talked about the top games you can find on there but here is more about it. This really is an astonishing goal for SteamVR in 2020!

As you know the biggest factor that made this happen was Covid-19, but this ain`t the only one. The world is changing in a way that everything we know is moving to online. The last year was something to show the world that work can happen from home. Many game developers, VR or not, worked hard to make our “game dreams” come true just by working from home and staying protected.

Astonishing Goal For SteamVR In 2020! 1.7 Million New Users!

Many headsets were released back in 2020 and a lot of the already available were sold. If you really want to know a number, 68 million units are not just some headsets.

Valve says that hardware and software also played a big part. Their own Index sales were constantly on top all 2020. Around the end of the year we also saw nice headsets being released like HP Reverb G2 and the Oculus Quest 2 – a headset that we talked about in many of our previous articles.

By the end of the yearmore than 50% of the headsets used with SteamVR were Facebook`s, 21.9% made by Htc Vive and the rest of them were Valve Index.

If you compare 2016 to 2020 you`ll see that VR had a constant growth worldwide. Only 5 headsets were sold back then and now, 68 million.

SteamVR had over 104 million sessions with an average of 32 minutes/play session, 71% more revenue and 30% increase in playtime. Tis may not sound like a lot for you, but trust me it is!

We`re glad that people enjoy VR and we hope there are more to come! Thank you for checking out our content and we hope to see you soon. Later!

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