Ergonomics And Headstrap Design

The new HP Reverb G2 comes in at around 500 grams in weight which is around the same as the Oculus Rift S and lighter than the Valve index which comes in at around 800 grams. The headstrap is like a combination of both the original Rift CV1 with the adjustable Velcro straps on the sides and elastic meaning it stretches making it easy to get on and off and the Valve Index with the section that nicely cups your head at the back. The materials used on the facepad and rear cushion you might recognise as the same motled grey material used on the Valve Index which is an antimicrobial material which is really soft and comfortable.

Interchangeable Facepads

The headset has Interchangeable facepads using a magnetic mounting system just like Index. The headset design also allows the headstrap to rotate up to 90 degrees meaning you can use the headset without putting the headstrap on by just holding it up to your face which I’m sure is a feature developers will enjoy who just want a quick look in VR during development. I definitely prefer this over the Cosmos front flip up design which prevents the headset from sitting snug on your face.

Good News

Good news for those of you out there that wear glasses in VR, HP have made the design more friendly for those who wear glasses although it doesn’t have the eye relief adjustment of the Valve Index. In the long term I would still recommend you to invest in a set of prescription lenses which I’m sure will be available from both WidmoVR and VRLensLab in the future.

Cabling And Connectors

The Reverb G2 will come bundled with a 6m single barrel cable which is removable from the headset and uses a single displayport and single USB C connector for power from your PC. If you don’t have a USB C port or one that can provide 6 watts of power, a power brick is also provided in the box. A displayport to displayport mini adapter will also be included in the box if you want to use the headset with a powerful gaming laptop. This is a huge improvement over the original Reverb which had a chunky double barrel cable and an awful connection box right at the back of your head so this should make the G2 much more comfortable overall. It’s a real shame the Reverb G2 doesn’t utilize the virtual link connector equipped on newer NVIDIA graphics cards although it’s likely you’ll be able to use that port for power delivery. For those running VR arcades with VR backpack PCs there will be a shorter 1m cable accessory available along with replaceable wipeable face pads.


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