The long-awaited VR Half-Life: Alyx game is finally available on Steam, and offers a captivating adventure. Discover all the tips and advice to start well and even finish the game at the highest level of difficulty.

1- Look for the resin

The resin acts as money in the universe of Half-Life: Alyx. It allows you to improve your weapon several times in Combine Fabricators throughout the campaign.

You will not be able to upgrade your weapon as often as you want. It is therefore important to collect as much resin as possible to be able to fully exploit these rare opportunities and improve your weapon to the maximum.

To do this,search each room. As a rule, paths that deviate from the main road lead to rooms concealing resin and ammunition.

On the main path, also consider observing the environment frequently to find hidden resin. Search under the furniture and in the shelves to be sure to find everything…

It can be tempting to spend your resin on the laser or Reflex Sight. However, also consider increasing the capacity of the magazine of your weapon and unlocking the automatic reloading for the shotgun.

2- The shotgun can be loaded with 7 cartridges

In many video games, the shotgun can only hold two cartridges. This is not the case in Half-Life: Alyx .

You can load this weapon with seven cartridges, but it is possible to ignore it since this is unusual and the game does not specify it at any time. Now you know it!

3- Use your head and both hands

All weapons in the game are held in one hand. You can therefore use the other hand to move.

It is for example possible to hang from elements of the decor. This will make it easier for you to avoid enemy attacks.

Likewise, turn your head frequently to observe everything around you. This will allow you to spot enemies before they ambush you. Also remember to bend down and take cover to avoid shooting.

4- How to solve puzzles and riddles?

Pay attention to the visual information throughout the game . For example, a small screen on your weapon indicates how much ammunition you have left. Likewise, if you forget to deactivate the security of the weapon, a small red light will notify you.

This also applies to solving the puzzles and puzzles for which Alyx must use its multi-tool. Sometimes the solution to solving a puzzle can be in the form of graffiti on the wall or ancient hieroglyphs. In addition, your friend Russell will regularly advise you via the radio to help you move forward if you are stuck…

Most of the time, this involves inserting the tool into the electronic location and then solving one of the different types of puzzles. Generally, blue represents victory . Do not hesitate to move around the puzzle to take advantage of better visibility to solve it.

5- Lower yourself during the fights

In the lowest difficulty levels, it is possible to rush by firing on anything that moves. On the other hand, in the higher difficulties, the fights become much more tactical.

When shooting, it’s important to quickly choose a place to take cover. Crouch down to protect yourself from enemy fire. Using this method, you will get fewer shots and the game is also much more immersive.

6- Use the environment

Many elements of the decor can be used to protect you, even if the game does not explicitly tell you. You will find, for example, manyhelmets and gas masks, especially in the underground.

By picking up these items, you can actually place them on your head to protect yourself . They will, however, destroy themselves after an attack suffered.

7- Back up regularly

There are automatic backups in Half-Life: Alyx, but it’s important to back up regularly. In this way, if you die often, you can resume just before the passage where you failed.

The option is easily accessible since it is placed at the top of the menu. So remember to save after each difficult passage …

8- Use all backup locations

For each account, you can use a maximum of 10 backup locations. It is very easy to alternate between these different backups.

By default, the game will load the most recently launched. However, in the main menu, you can click on the “Games” tab to view the full list of backup locations. Details of the most recent registration are shown.

Also, note that starting a new game does not automatically delete another save location. You can choose where to start a new game. It is therefore possible to share the game between several members of the household or users of the same Steam account…


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