KAT Walk C: VR Treadmill


Kat Walk has been producing and refining VR treadmills since 2015, each model is getting sleeker and sleeker and promising better performance.

The company will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for their latest product, the `Kat Walk C`. The early bird pricing we’ll have it at a whopping $699, but it’s small enough to fit in anyone’s home and it’s promising to have an extremely natural gait.

Generally VR treadmills feel awkward, your posture is either leaning forward a little bit too much like you’re dragging a sled behind you or you end up performing roller skate like glide maneuvers rather than natural steps.

At this point it’s an absolutely intriguing product. It adds an extreme level of immersion but I honestly couldn’t imagine using this on a daily basis.

Games like Tower tag where I’m in a very small play space will get me tired after just an hour or so. Imagine actually running through the forest in Skyrim VR… well it sounds amazing, I just don’t think your average gamer is gonna be up to the challenge and a lot of times it’s just so much easier to use a thumbstick.

They are planning support for all major PC VR headsets and also including the PlayStation VR. The quest will only work via oculus link. Now any game that supports free locomotion should work with the Kat Walk as it will mimic the thumbstick input.

It uses dedicated footwear with hardware embedded which would require different shoes for every VR user.

Between the shoes, the price and just overall VR fatigue, I remain skeptical on this product but let me tell you, I really want to try one.


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