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This week Microsoft announced the release date for their frankly, gorgeous looking flight simulator which will be releasing on the 18th of august. This is a full refresh of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series since the last game’s launch over 13 years ago, throughout the new game’s development the VR Flight community have been loud and clear about wanting VR support and although Microsoft have confirmed VR is a highly requested feature and at the top of their priority list they’ve also said that VR won’t be supported at launch and haven’t given any indication if and when it might be supported in the future. Now I really love the attention to detail in this game and just love the idea of relaxing on a sunday afternoon and taking a flight to somewhere sunny in a little Cessna or something and just taking in the sights.

Releasing & Game Data

Along the way along with releasing the game on XBOX and the Windows Store, Microsoft will also be releasing a physical edition of the game which will come on a whopping 10 DVDs containing 90 gigabytes of game data. This game data contains the world and aircraft delivered by Microsoft which just saves you from downloading all this data if you happen to have a slow internet connection, however you’ll definitely want a decent internet connection to take full advantage of the game as details like time of day, weather conditions and finer terrain detail will all come from real-time data, satellite imagery and Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Azure Technology they say you can actually see your own house and possibly even your own car on your driveway if it was there when the satellite imagery was taken, completely mind blown. The game will be coming out on the 18th of august and you can buy the game outright at 59.99$ or you can play it as part of XBOX Game Pass which is just 1$ for the first month and then 4.99$/month. Hopefully we get an update regarding VR support from Microsoft very soon.


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