New Feature For Oculus Quest. YouTube Hand Tracking.


A new feature is now available for Oculus Quest – YouTube hand tracking. Now you can browse freely and watch YouTube`s variety of regular and VR videos without using the controllers.

This feature was already available through Oculus Browser, but the app gives a better experience and better performance – no lag zone.

The first time YouTube VR made it`s appearance was on Samsung Gear VR, which accessed an earlier version of the Oculus Store in late 2018 and was an Oculus Quest launch app in 2019.

Users of the app are allowed to watch standard 2D YouTube videos but the main focus is immersive 360° videos; a big thing for YouTube for the last 2-3 years.

YouTube At It`s Finest

New Feature For Oculus Quest. YouTube Hand Tracking.

If you`re a regular VR user you sure know how hard is to type in VR. So there are some good news for you. The app provides a voice search function using Google`s speech recognition technology. That technology is also used in Google Home and in Google Smart Assistant. As in the normal YouTube app, users can view their subscriptions, history and saved playlists, including their YouTube Music playlists.

YouTube VR can also be found on Steam for other headsets at this link.

YouTube’s support of the Oculus VR platform is opposite to its parent company, Google, which shut down its own mobile VR platform after ending viewer sales in late 2019. Last week it also announced it was shutting down its online library of user-made 3D assets, Poly.

YouTube VR app continues to be at the top charts of the Oculus Store, being one of the most popular apps for VR users. This is most likely because of the large variety of immersive videos provided by content creators.

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