As this headset was designed in collaboration with Valve, they’ve ensured this headset is fully compatible with the great library of content available on SteamVR although by default you’ll still be booted into Microsofts Cliff House on startup like every other Windows MR Headset. Now the controllers are more in line with what the other leading brands are offering this means wider compatibility and no more remapping of controller buttons to trackpads. This will also likely mean these controllers will perform better when playing Oculus exclusive content using Revive which I’m sure will get an update to support the new controllers in the future. Just like the previous Reverb, I’m sure the G2 with it’s high resolution display will be a sure fire hit with the VR Sim enthusiast community who want the very best visuals possible for the latest and greatest racing and flight simulators. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long for Microsofts Flight Simulator, It looks stunning!

Pricing and shipping date

So like I said, the new HP Reverb G2 will cost $599, it’s available for pre-order now in the US and will be shipping in Fall later this year. Other countries were able to pre-order from around mid-June. The price point is really interesting. When we compare it to other headsets available on the market. For those looking for a new Rift and weren’t happy with the Rift S minor leap forward and with Oculus’s focus on the Quest, the HP Reverb G2 might just be the next generation Rift we’ve all been waiting for at only $200 more than the Rift S but with Superior audio, manual IPD and higher resolution, this could be the one to go for. HP are confident with this headset undercutting the Cosmos which found it a tricky space in the middle of the market although it didn’t help itself with poor marketing and awful tracking on launch. This is a very interesting play from HP and I’m really interested to see how this headset pans out and looking forward to getting my hands on one to put it through its paces.

More info coming this week. Later!


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