New Update On Echo VR! 90Hz Support For Quest 2.


New update on Echo VR gives us a 90Hz refresh rate support for Oculus Quest 2! This is one of the most important features of the headset.

A quick added fix, launched on the 9th of December, added support on the new headset. This will make Echo VR look smoother and it will help you increase your skill. Refresh rate really matters. The matches of Echo will look more convincing than on Quest 1 as it`s screen is only 72Hz.

New Update On Echo VR! 90Hz Support For Quest 2.

Moreover the new update on Echo VR addresses the controller dead zones issues, reported by Quest users that controllers weren`t working as expected. This update also came with many other fixes and tweaks.

New Update On Echo VR! 90Hz Support For Quest 2.

Echo VR still remains in top 25 best Oculus Quest Games after all this time, so this is nice from them to keep giving support on the platform. In September, developer Ready at Dawn confirmed that it isn’t currently working on bringing the game’s expansion, Echo Combat to Quest, though plans could change in the future.

Also we heard some good news form Facebook-owned developer, ‘Ready at Dawn’, that they`re continuing work on Oculus Rift sole, Lone Echo 2, that is most likely to get released in 2021. There`s been a long time since we’ve seen something from the single-player follow-up, and we’re wondering if there might be any major changes to its release. Could we possibly see the game on SteamVR much like tomorrow’s release, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond?

This is a question that we don`t have an answer to yet, but we`re sure that you don`t have too much to wait. What do you think about this game. Are you ready to play it at it`s best? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for tuning in, later!

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