Well, as you may know this crazy year, 2020, is coming to an end an with it, Oculus Quest 2 has sold out. Facebook stated that online shipping estimate dates are dynamic and frequently changing, so you need to check the status quite often since Oculus continues to ship new batches to retail outlets and for Oculus`s site. Some “offline” shops may have them in stock so you really need to hurry up if you want it right now.

They originally stated “ If you`re in the U.S. and you`re been trying to get your hands on the headset you`ll most probably get it in 2021 – Oculus Quest 2 has sold out really quick.”. I`m sure that if you buy the headset from Amazon or Facebook`s Oculus site, there`s a whole different story. As they also say the headset will only arrive in January 2021. The headset can be found at best buy too for $299. You could still order the headset from Walmart`s site so it arrives before Christmas, but there is also a downside. You`re going to get charged at least an extra 150$ as the headset comes from a third party seller.

The New Oculus Quest 2 Is Sold Out!

You can find the headset at other stores too. The Facebook site is a good indication of pricing, demand and supply for the device. Moreover, Facebook`s own site states that the new orders for one of the two versions, 64GB at $299 or 256GB at $399, have their estimated delivery on the 28th of January.

The original Quest sold out on a similar manner last year.

I`m sure that some newbies to the VR world looking for the Quest 2 are confused by the last days of Rift S. The PC-only headset had a huge price drop to only $299 because Facebook is clearing stocks before pulling it out from every shelf. They say that Rift S isn`t presenting any future to their VR. We`re sure the all-in-one experience will be the next step for all major VR manufacturers. We also can`t recommend buying a Rift S headset for may reasons but let`s say the kind of new Oculus Quest 2 is the news VR king if you like Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed our article and hope to see you next time. Stay safe and play on, later!

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