Facebook Ditches Oculus GO


Big news from Facebook today

The company is going to stop selling the oculus go later this year, will open up a new distribution channel for oculus quest content later next year and is buying Lone Echo developer, Ready At Dawn Studios.

 Oculus go is being laid to rest

Facebook’s first standalone VR headset will be removed from stores later this year and new apps and games will stop being accepted onto the oculus store in December. Of course go launched a couple of years ago as a cheap low-end entry point into VR but while affordable it only had limited three degrees of freedom tracking. Facebook now says it will no longer sell new 3DOF products.

Early looks

The company is also offering an early look at a new distribution channel for oculus quest content. Currently quest features a highly curated store with a couple of releases every few weeks. There’s a new method will allow developers to distribute apps without approval from the oculus store and without needing to sideload content like you would all sidequest. Facebook says this new approach will allow developers to share early-stage applications and get their apps out to specific users… look for it to launch in 2021.

Ready At Dawn developer

Facebook is acquiring Ready At Dawn, a developer of Lone Echo and Echo VR. You may know this team for traditional games like Daxter, God Of War: Ghost of Sparta and The Order: 1886, but they`re also behind some of VR`s very best games. Ready At Dawn will join teams like Beat Games and Sanzaru Games under Facebook’s label of Oculus Studios first party developers. They’re currently working on a Quest port for Echo VR and the long-awaited Lone Echo 2 on Oculus Rift.


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