Oculus Move

Facebook Connect Keynote showed us a lot of new games, features and insights on the VR world. One of them was Oculus Move, built-in fitness tracker that helps you keep track of how much exercise you get while playing.

The app was revealed in the first part of the Facebook Connect Keynote 2020, after Facebook CEO, Mark Zukerberg, announced the all new Quest 2 headset. A recording of the app revealed tracking stats from apps like Beat Saber.

Beat Saber fitness tracking (Courtesy of Oculus)

“A lot of people have been using VR for fitness. It`s probably one of the most fun ways to get some quick cardio and I mean Beat Saber is a bit more motivating than a treadmill most mornings” – Mark Zuckerberg.

Quest 2 Reveal

We`ve seen a lot of leaks and comments of the new Quest 2, as a matter of fact we also had one post on that, now we certainly know everything that is to know about this headset.

Mark Zuckerberg, or as people like to call him, Zucc, stated that Oculus is taking the “next big step forward”. Of course, the headset is absolutely gorgeous (pictures below) also bang fo the buck. Starting at $299 this headset is one of the cheapest out there.

All of the pictures above are under Oculus property!

Furthermore, the base model comes with 64GB of storage, expandable to 256Gb if needed. It has a single display, offering a better sight quality with the resolution 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye. Also Oculus says: “With 50% more pixels than the original Quest, everything from multiplayer games and productivity apps to 360° videos look better than ever.”

Final Thoughts

All things considered we`ll have a more in detail post on the AIO headset soon. Preorder is available now here and, of course, shipping is expected to be October 13th.

In short, we expect to see your thoughts in the comment section below.

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