Star VR one finally out of development hell is now available for purchase. Two years ago this headset was offered as a $3,000 premium VR headset with every feature you could possibly ask for: high-resolution, custom lenses, eye tracking, extremely wide field-of-view with zero distortion, then the parent company making star VR one was delisted from the Taipei Stock Exchange causing the company to reorganize from being publicly listed to a private entity.

Well… it’s finally here and I think we need to take a better look at it now. It was initially designed to be used in industrial and commercial applications, of course carrying a high price for the time, but 2018 was a very different landscape in terms of VR hardware than 2020, so maybe the price has gone down.

The headset uses STEAMVR laser tracking, carries a resolution of: 1830×1464 per eye using AMOLED displays with an RGB striped pixel layout versus the screen door strike and pentile pixel arrangement that we see on the VIVE or VIVE PRO.

Star VR has 90 Hertz refresh rate, 210 degrees horizontal field of view and 130 degrees vertical field of view.To give you an idea of what that looks like, imagine your oculus quest and how far you could see from left to right, that’s even less than how much you could see just up and down on the star VR, all supposedly without distortion.

The only problem is it requires two DisplayPort connections and two USB connection. There’s also currently too many unknowns with this product and the PI max 8k X is already available consumer level competitor, that product sells for 1800$ with valve index controllers and the base station setup, but when it comes to the star VR one we don’t have those specifics, in fact we don’t even officially know if it works with steamvr games, we assume that and we know it does work with valves tracking system but again there’s a lot of unknown.

The minimum system requirements are also pretty high. Now my major problem with this headset is just the fact that if it is gonna come in at a price tag of something close to $3,000, then it should win in every single spec against any competitor and that’s not the case, there are actually HMDs with higher refresh rates and even higher resolutions. We don’t know what level of distortion that high FOV is gonna bring, it also doesn’t have a physical IPD adjustment and you’re gonna have to sacrifice an additional DisplayPort to get this thing to run.

The headset ships with Tobi eye tracking, something that I wish would get closer to being an industry standard. So apparently you could now submit an inquiry to order one of these bad boys as they’re technically available for purchase, although the new price isn’t listed but that doesn’t mean that they’ll actually sell you one. So far it seems that star VR is only selling their headsets to a small number of developers and enterprise related companies.

If a head set like this were to be made available though and was somewhere in the 1000$ price range, I could see it actually having a decent consumer launch, people want good VR and they’ll pay for it. The VIVE PRO eye is essentially a baby version of this headset, with the lower resolution and starting to get pretty affordable, so if this thing gets cheaper and is actually made available for consumer purchase maybe we’ll start seeing it around as the new headset to flex on in VR chat.

Specifications StarVR One:

  • Panel: 2 x 4.77” AMOLED
  • Display resolution: 16 million sub-pixels (1,830 x 1,464 resolution per eye)
  • Refresh rate: 90Hz low persistence
  • Lens type: Custom Fresnel lenses
  • Field of view: 210-degree horizontal FOV, 130-degree vertical FOV
  • Fully integrated Tobii eye tracking
  • IPD measurement with automatic SW adjustment
  • Dynamic Foveated Rendering
  • SteamVR tracking 2.0 up to two Base Stations
  • HMD
    • 2 x 0.9m Type-C cables
    • 2 x 5m Type-C extension cables
    • 1 x 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with microphone
  • Optional cable adapter box
    • 2 x DisplayPort
    • 2 x USB 2.0
  • Total cable length 5.9m
  • Weight: 450g (Only headset without head strap/headband and cables)

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