Synth Riders Adds Cyberpunk Essentials Music Pack


The music catalog just got a little bit bigger with 10 new EDM tracks as part of the ‘Cyberpunk Essentials’ music pack.

The pack is available on Oculus Quest, Steam and Viveport now and half of it is free. Developers – Kluge Interactive – say that the pack includes tracks from both established and emerging electronic dance artists, plus there’s a whole new themed stage included.

The five cyberpunk tracks available for free are:

“Voidwalkers” – Au5

“I’ll Fight Back” – Sullivan King

“Calling Out” – MUZZ (feat. Skyelle & KG)

“Showdown” – F.O.O.L

“Revenger” – F.O.O.L

The additional five tracks that can purchased as DLC are:

“Take That” – RIOT

“Eden” – Au5 & Danyka Nadeau

“TURBO” – Tokyo Machine

“MOSHI” Pegboard Nerds & Tokyo Machine

“New Game” – Nitro Fun

These new additions bring the Synth Riders library to 55 songs total, of which only 10 are paid DLC. The Cyberpunk Essential DLC tracks can be purchased as a slightly discounted bundle for $8.99 or for $1.99 per track.

The Cyberpunk tracks also support the ‘Play Together’ mutiplayer feature in the game, which allows a host who owns the DLC to create a room where everyone can play along even if they don’t personally own the paid DLC tracks.

As with rest of the Synth Riders library, the new tracks have 5 difficulty settings and support 90, 180, 360 and 360+ spin modes. The spin mode was the most recent addition to the game before this new pack, which launched in July and coincided with a hike in the game’s base price.


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