The Valve Index

One of the best VR headsets on the market today and with the recent release of Half-Life Alyx the popularity in the index has increased substantially, but if you want to buy the Index you have to buy directly from Valve through Steam and you’re gonna have to wait 8 weeks.

Why is this?

Well there’s a couple of reasons… The first is, as I mentioned earlier, due to the release of Half-Life Alyx popularity in the index has boomed, with recent demand valve is struggling to keep up. Another factor is at the time of writing, the world is in a form of lockdown, this is a bit of a double-edged sword for valve. Lockdown has increased the popularity of VR in general with many people wanting to escape to their gaming world of choice, but manufacturing is struggling due to many countries having different forms of lockdown processing and manufacturing these units is quite difficult.

If you want a Vlave Index, what are your options?

Well you have a few, Valve is still taking orders for the index, which is completely free, you only pay for the headset or the bundle once the item is ready to be shipped. Depending on how early or late you made your order for your Index, depends on when you’re going to receive it… People who ordered quite early will most likely receive their index before the 8 week mark, however people who ordered it more recently will most likely have to wait towards August.

What do you do if you’re impatient and you want the index now?

There are a couple of options, many online marketplaces like eBay do have listings for the Index. At the time, the Index`s full bundle has bits of over 1400$, that’s a difference of 400$ compared to the retail price and although you’ll receive a headset sooner rather than later, you won’t receive your FREE copy of Half-Life Alyx and more than likely won’t receive any support off Steam if anything goes wrong with the headset.

Go for something else

If you’re not willing to spend more money on an already expensive VR headset and don’t want the chance of voiding your warranty, what can you do? The only other option is to buy a different headset, my recommendations would either be the Oculus Rift S or HTC Cosmos. While stock for these two headsets are limited some retailers do still sell them, however you want experience the 120 Hertz or 144 Hertz that the Valve Index offers or try some of the best motion controllers on the market, the knuckles. In my opinion if you want one of the best VR experiences on the market today, you’re gonna have to wait.


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