ViRTC – The New Virtual Desktop. No Install required!


What is ViRTC?

The new virtual desktop lets you do all kinds of things. As the app`s site states “ViRTC is a tool that is focused on letting you easily stream your desktop screen to an Oculus Quest via the browser”. On a regular basis you would use apps like Anydesk or TeamViewer, but that is on PC only. Today we are talking about VR desktop streaming, so there are many things you can do.

ViRTC - The New Virtual Desktop. No Install required!

What can you use ViRTC for?

First, let`s talk about programmers: say you work in a big corporation at a desk where everyone can see what you do. Surely you would want some privacy! You always complain about the screen size, work space and all kind of things. Now you can put on your headset and work freely. We always like big screens, don`t we?

ViRTC - The New Virtual Desktop. No Install required!
Oculus Quest screen snip – Courtesy of VR Trailers & Clips

From a ultra-wide screen to a huge workspace!


On the other hand, think about your privacy! No one wants others to see their important projects. If you develop games in a competitive workplace this should be the best thing that happened to you! You surely wouldn`t want other developers to steal your work!

The app has only pros – no compromises!

As said, you don`t need to install anything, “so is that the best thing they could come up with?” you would ask. No, they offer you the option to select one of your multiple screens and the best part is that oculus treats the browser app full-screen. Another thing is that Oculus lets you can see outside the headset, because what virtual desktop doesn`t have passthrough support?

Moreover the app lets you customize the size, position and curvature of your screen very precisely. It can be used with Touch controllers or hands as mouse pointer; it passes through Bluetooth gamepads and keyboards. With SideQuest patch it turns your headset into a wireless PCVR!

That`s all I had to say about the new ViRTC app. Hope you enjoyed and see you next time!

I got caught up in the money, the power…don’t give a s**t, oh f**k man…I had no choice, I had to do it…I only see the opportunity. But when I’m gone, everyone’s gonna remember my name: Big Smoke!

Big Smoke – GTA San Andreas

Welcome boys! You`ve now entered VR Universe!

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