VR headsets coming out 2020


1: HP Reverb G2

2: Oculus Quest 2

3: Vive Cosmos Elite | Price = $550 (standalone headset)

4: StarVR | Price = $3200

5: Pimax 8KX | Price = $1300

6: Huawei VR glasses | Price = $380

First up is the Reverb G2..teased to us in a video which states “no compromises”. It might have same price as Valve index, but way better with better resolution, maybe eye tracking.

Oculus quest 2 is for mass consuming, and it should be affortable and it might have 120hz and i would suspect that the new quest will be utilizing the snapdragon XR2 chip with almost double the performance of the quests 835.

Vive cosmos Elite, with all the bad reviews out there, i haven`t considered buying this one.

Star Vr ONE – if you have money, go for it.

Pimax 8KX, i`m staying out of this one.

I`m waiting for HP REVERB G2, to go for my next upgrade, it should be the real deal, so i you dont have valve index yet, just wait for HP reverb G2.


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